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Troubleshooting ► When I play a file I don't hear anything (MIDI project)

Solution: The project only contains MIDI data and needs to be routed to a software synth (Insert > Soft Synths), a hardware synthesizer, or the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth.
Go to Insert > Soft Synth > DirectX > Cakewalk TTS-1.
The Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box appears.
Open the Track Inspector (View > Inspector, or press I), click the Output control in the IN / OUT section at the bottom, and select Cakewalk TTS-1. Repeat this step for all MIDI tracks.
Tip: You can quickly assign all tracks to the same output by using a Quick Group (see Quick Groups). To do so, press CTRL+A to select all tracks, then hold down the CTRL key while you assign any track to a specific output. All tracks of the same type (MIDI or audio) will be assigned to the same output.
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