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Arranging and editingMarkers and the snap grid ► Creating and using markers

Figure 136. The Markers view.
Open the Markers dialog box in one of the following ways:
Choose Project > Insert Marker.
SONAR displays the Marker dialog box.
Figure 137. The Marker dialog box.
Select the Locked to SMPTE check box if you want to lock the marker to the SMPTE time.
SONAR deletes the marker. You can use Edit > Undo if you make a mistake.
Press the G key to open the Go dialog box, then press F5 and select a marker from the list.
Click the Next Marker button or Previous Marker button in the Markers module.
If looping is enabled, click to the right of the Loop Start marker to select the loop region.
If punch recording is enabled, click to the right of the Punch In marker to select the punch region.
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