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AutomationAutomation lanes ► Automation lane controls

A. Expand/collapse Automation lanes B. Select lane C. Remove lane D. Insert new lane E. Automation Read enable/disable F. Automation Write enable/disable G. Edit Filter H. Parameter slider
Remove lane . Remove lane, but keep any existing automation envelopes.
Insert new lane . Add a new Automation lane below the clicked lane. Each track can have an unlimited number of lanes. An automatable parameter is automatically assigned to the new Automation lane based on the following order:
Select. Click to select the lane and its parent track. Lanes support the same selection gestures as tracks.
Edit Filter. Specify which automatable track parameter to show in the Automation lane. Parameters that are already displayed in other Automation lanes are shown in the menu, but disabled. Note: Clip envelopes are accessed in the parent track or on individual Take lanes.
Automation Read. Enable/disable automation playback on the lane.
Automation Write. Enable/disable automation writing on the lane. The automation write mode is specified in the parent track. The Automation Write button indicates the selected write mode.
Slider. Use the slider to control the assigned parameter when writing automation. The slider position represents the current value of the envelope.
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