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Instrument definitionsInstrument definition tutorial ► Where do instrument definitions come from?

The patch names and other characteristics of each particular MIDI module are supplied by the manufacturer, and are contained in an instrument definition file, which is a text file written in a format SONAR can read. Many of these files come with SONAR, and many more are available at Cakewalk’s website, and also at Instrument definition files have the extension .ins and can contain a definition for only one instrument, or definitions for several instruments. For example, the file Roland.ins contains definitions for many Roland modules. The file Misc.ins contains miscellaneous definitions that might include your instrument if you don’t see a specific file for it. You can find these files in your SONAR folder. The file Master.ins contains all the instrument definitions currently loaded into SONAR, and determines the list of instruments that appears in the Assign Instruments dialog box.
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