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MixingSignal flow ► Surround buses

Open the Console view (Views > Console View) or the Track Inspector (Views > Inspector).
Drag the Bus Send Level control for the bus to the approximate level you want.
Drag the Bus Send Pan to the approximate setting you want.
Click the Bus Enable button for the appropriate bus.
In the bus, adjust the Input Gain and Output Volume controls to the approximate level you want.
In the bus, drag the Input Pan and Output Pan controls to the approximate positions you want.
Play your tracks and adjust the Send Level controls, the Pan controls, etc.
Each bus has a Mute button and a Solo button. These controls act like the Mute and Solo buttons in a track, but they affect all the signal routed through the bus.
Click the Mute or Solo button in the bus you want to mute or solo.
A. Bus letter
Enable the bus’ Waveform Preview button . This displays the waveform of the audio that is flowing through the bus.
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