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Recording ► Input monitoring

Being able to hear plug-in audio effects applied to a live signal is an exciting feature of SONAR. However, there are two issues that users commonly stumble upon when using the input monitoring feature. The first is that the monitored signal seems to have an echo associated with it. The second is that live input monitoring can lead to nasty feedback problems, particularly if you have an outboard audio mixer, or you record from a different sound card from the one you are playing back with.
Per-track Input Echo button. Each audio track has an Input Echo button that turns that track’s input monitoring on or off.
Global Input Echo button. The Input Echo On/Off All Tracks button in the Control Bar’s Mix module turns input monitoring on or off on all audio tracks with one click.
Audio Engine button. To disable all audio activity in SONAR, including input monitoring, click the Audio Engine on/off button in the Control Bar’s Mix module so it dims.
You can eliminate the echo by muting the line-in from playing back (see To eliminate the echo from input monitoring); you’ll send only the processed signal to the sound card outputs. This technique introduces a little extra latency to what you hear coming out of your sound card, but if you use WDM or ASIO drivers with your sound cards, the latency is negligible.
Turn your speakers down, and on an audio track that you want to monitor, click the Input Echo button so that it’s lit up (on) . To disable monitoring for this track, click the button off.
Turn your speakers down, then click the Input Echo On/Off All Tracks button in the Control Bar’s Mix module. This enables input monitoring on all tracks. To disable monitoring for all tracks, click the button again.
Windows 7: Click the Windows Start button and go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Volume Control.
In the Play Control window of the mixer, select the Mute check box in the Line-In column, or in the column of whatever jack your instrument is plugged into, and close the mixer window.
SONAR makes it possible to automatically enable input monitoring when arming a track for recording. To do so, hold down the SHIFT key while you click on a track’s Arm button . Likewise, holding down the SHIFT key while disabling record during playback will disable input monitoring.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording and clear the Disable Input Monitoring during Playback check box.
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