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Using Region FXV-Vocal Editor ► Pitch editing

Pitch editing requires that the Pitch button in the Edit Mode section is enabled. Here’s a description of the interface in pitch editing mode:
The key for making manipulated sound more natural is using the parameters in the Pitch Correction section: Note, Vibrato and Sense. Functions for each parameter are as follows:
Note. Controls the ratio of pitch shifting to the nearest scale note. With a value of 100, each section is completely shifting to the nearest scale note.
Vibrato. As the value increases, the vibrato depth gets narrower. At a value of 100, Vibrato is completely eliminated.
Sense. As the value increases, the range of affecting pitch correction gets wider.
In addition, try adjusting the Pitch Follow parameter in the Formant Control section as follows:
Select the notes that you want the selected region to become by clicking notes on the Keyboard button. The selected notes should be light blue. The deselected notes are dark blue. When you click the Correct button, the selected area conforms to the light blue notes on the keyboard. You can also click the note names in the Select Pitch Correction field to select notes. Note that light blue note names are selected, gray note names are not selected, and red note names are bypassed.
Click the Correct button. The pitch in the selected region moves to the target pitches (the light blue notes on the keyboard).
Click the Scale button so that it is enabled (light blue).
Click a Maj or Min button to select a major or minor scale, respectively.
Click a note on the Keyboard button to select the root note of the scale.
Click the Correct button.
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