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Tools ► Pattern tool

The Pattern tool lets you paint with a pre-selected MIDI pattern. To define a pattern, simply select any existing MIDI data that you want to use. The selection can be a clip, a portion of a clip, MIDI events in the Piano Roll view, or a MIDI file in the Media Browser.
A. Drag to the right to paint the selected MIDI file B. Select a MIDI file in the Media Browser
A. Selected pattern B. Two repetitions drawn C. Drag to the right to paint the selected pattern
Do one of the following:
Drag from left to right in the Piano Roll view or Track view to “paint” the selected data. When painting with the Pattern tool, the mouse pointer looks like a paint roller: .
A. Selected notes B. Hold down the SHIFT key and click where you want the first note to appear, then drag to paint and transpose the selected pattern
Create a new folder on your hard disk named \My Patterns, then open the folder in SONAR’s Media Browser and save the folder as a Content Location preset (see To save a Content Location preset).
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