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Tutorial 8 - Working with video ► Importing video

On the File menu, click New to open the New Project File dialog box.
Select the Normal template, give your project a name and then click OK.
On the File menu, point to Import and select Video.
The Import Video dialog box appears.
The first thing you will notice is that this dialog box is very similar to the Open dialog box that was discussed in Tutorial 1. The Import Video dialog box functions in very much the same way with the exception of two sections.
First, outlined in the preceding image is the drop-down box Files of type. Making a selection here will determine which video formats are displayed in the dialog box. SONAR supports the following digital video formats:
The file we are interested in for this tutorial is a Windows Media file, so let’s select Windows Media (*.wmv, *.asf) in the Files of type list.
Next, outlined in the above image you will see the File info area on the left and three options on the right. Let’s review what each of these options do.
For now, let’s leave the Import Audio Stream and Show file info check boxes selected.
Just as you would with the Open dialog box, navigate to the following location: C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR [Artist, Professional, or Platinum]\Tutorial Projects\Video Tutorial
Locate and import the file named Boarding.wmv. You can open it by either double-clicking on it or highlighting it and then clicking the Open button.
Note: If you do not see any video frames in the Video Thumbnails pane, click the Show/Hide Video Thumbnails button in the Video Thumbnails track strip.
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