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Tutorial 8 - Working with video ► Exporting your video

Select everything in the project that you want to export. If you want to export the entire project, simply select Edit > Select > All or press CTRL+A. On the File menu, point to Export and click Video.
The Export Video dialog box opens. You will notice this is very similar to both the Save As and Export Audio dialogs that were explored in Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 9.
Clicking the Encoding Options button at the bottom will allow you to explore some advanced settings for your video. From this dialog box, you will be able to change the quality and size of your video. This is particularly important if you plan to upload your video to the web. Some codecs work better than others and are more appropriate for different scenarios. Click the Help button in this dialog box for more specific details about different formats.
The Audio Mixdown Options button will bring up settings specific to the audio in your project. Click the Help button for detailed instructions on how to use these settings.
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