Release date: Thursday, January 16, 2003

Cakewalk® Announces Project5™

— A complete, open-platform, virtual studio environment; combining a suite of professional soft synth instruments, samplers, pattern-based sequencing and editing tools, automatable effects, ACID-format loop editing, live mixing —

WINTER NAMM (Booth 6800), Anaheim, CA, (January 16, 2003) - Cakewalk, developer of the leading music and sound software for Windows, today announced the Project5 soft synth workstation, offering a complete suite of synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools in an integrated studio environment. Project5 also allows musicians to customize and expand their software studio with support for additional soft synths, audio and MIDI effects, sample formats, and any Windows-compatible audio hardware. Project5 has a $429 MSRP U.S. and is scheduled for release in March 2003.

Project5 goes beyond stand-alone soft-synth "rack" software by providing a complete, flexible production environment. It gives electronic musicians everything they need to experiment, create, and perform music using integrated sequencers, software synths, samplers, audio and MIDI effects, and audio looping tools. The Project5 soft synth workstation includes a polyphonic analog-modeling synth, professional sampler, drum synthesizer, sampling drum machine, and a groove sampler. The Project5 sequencers allow real-time and step-recording, as well as piano-roll style editing and step sequencing. Project5 also provides advanced capabilities for synth layering, keyboard mapping, real-time pattern triggering, an intuitive live-performance audio engine, and ACID™-compatible loop support.

"Project5 breaks significant new ground in music software," commented Michael Hoover, VP of product marketing for Cakewalk. "There is no other product available today that offers a more complete, more flexible, or more creative environment for sequencing, sampling, and software synthesis. Cakewalk has combined its industry-leading sequencing expertise with advanced soft synth and sampling technology. And with support for multiple plug-in and sample formats, Project5 provides an infinitely expandable studio for the ultimate experience in music creation and experimentation."

Key features for Project5

  • Studio-quality instruments and effects
  • Pattern-based sequencers and processors
  • ACID™-compatible audio looping tools
  • Real-time, seamless performance engine
  • Open studio environment (DX, DXi, MFX, VST*, VSTi*, ReWire client, WDM, ASIO)

Project5 instruments and effects

PSYN™ virtual analog synthesizer
PSYN ("sine") models a full-featured subtractive synthesizer, providing access to classic analog sounds of the 70s, as well as contemporary electronic sounds. Includes multiple filters, oscillators, envelope generators, and LFOs. Features a modulation matrix for tempo sync; ring modulation and FM synthesis; 64-note polyphony; parameter automation; more.

DS-864™ digital sampler
A flexible, easy-to-use, multi-format digital sampler with ample manipulation capabilities and pristine audio fidelity. Features 8 layer / 64 voice polyphony; sample editing with effects; multiple resonant filters and envelope generators; 8 audio outputs for effects processing; parameter automation; key mapping; velocity zones; support for Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIF, and proprietary sample formats.

nPulse™ analog modular drum synthesizer
Provides tone characteristics of classic TR-series drum machines, combined with the extended properties of modern day soft synths. nPulse provides a convenient way to trigger and synthesize vintage-style electronic drum voices. A 12-voice multi-timbral synthesizer with per-voice oscillators; 5 assignable outputs; multiple presets; sync effects; key-mapping; parameter automation; more.

Velocity™ drum sampler (LM4, WAV, AIF)
The multi-timbral drum sampler provides 18 polyphonic voices with up to 32 velocity-layered samples. Offers precise sample editing with effects; 5 stereo outputs; and full parameter automation. Supports WAV, AIF, LM4, and proprietary format sample formats.

Cyclone™ DXi groove sampler
A 16-part, ACID™-compatible groove sampler, composition tool, and loop editor. Trigger loops in real-time following the tempo and pitch changes of a project. Edit individual slices of individual loops, and even combine parts of multiple loops.

Automatable effects

  • Envelope/LFO Filter
  • Stereo Delay/Echo with tempo sync
  • High Frequency Exciter
  • Classic Phaser with feedback
  • Studio Reverb
  • Stereo Chorus/Flanger with feedback
  • Stereo 7-band Graphic EQ
  • Stereo 2-band Parametric EQ
  • Compressor/Gate

Pattern & loop-based creation tools

P-SEQ™ pattern sequencer
A flexible pattern sequencer with "piano roll" style editing that superimposes track automation with note data. Offers step and real-time recording, pattern preview, auto-looping, and easy-to-use editing tools.

SYNCHRON32™ step sequencer
Accurately models and expands upon analog hardware step-sequencing. Quickly generate patterns and trigger synths, and trigger patterns in real-time from MIDI devices. Provides control over pitch; rhythmic duration with shuffle; tempo sync; per-step flam, legato, bends; polyphonic mode; multiple-banks for pattern presets; more.

ACID-compatible loop integration
Click and drag to roll out tracks using ACID™-format loops that match your project tempo and pitch changes. Features automatic beat matching, flexible time stretching/pitch shifting, and support for multiple loops per track.

Advanced synth layering and keyboard mapping
Perform and record using multiple MIDI controllers routed to multiple instruments; or use multiple, layered instruments or split synths from one MIDI controller.

Live-performance audio engine
Project5's seamless audio engine provides a continuous musical workflow. Allows changes to be made on the fly and never compromises playback perfect for live performance.

Expand and customize Project5

  • Use included synths or add DXi or VSTi* synths to expand your studio
  • Edit and mix using Project5's included audio and MIDI FX, and additional MFX, DX, or VST* effects
  • Integrate Project5 with a ReWire-compatible host like SONAR for advanced audio recording, editing, and mixing
  • Project5 instruments and effects integrate directly into SONAR
  • Works with any WDM, MME, or ASIO-compatible Windows hardware, and also sends MIDI Sync to outboard sequencers

Pricing and Availability

Project5 has a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $429 U.S. and will be available March 2003. For more information, visit Cakewalk at Winter NAMM Booth 6800 or on the web at; or call 888-CAKEWALK (617-423-9004 outside U.S.).

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