Release date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Cakewalk® Announces the Release of MediaWorks™, the All-In-One Digital Media Experience on the Windows PC

—Organizing, Archiving and Sharing Photos, Music, Video and Data, on CDs, DVDs has Never Been This Easy or More Affordable—

BOSTON, MA (September 25, 2003)—Cakewalk, developer of the world's best-selling music and sound software for Windows, today released Cakewalk MediaWorks, the all-in-one digital media experience, for organizing, archiving and sharing music, photos, video and data, on CDs, DVDs, and the Internet. MediaWorks has an estimated street price of $79.

MediaWorks provides an integrated environment where users can create and burn enhanced slideshows with photos, video and music onto video CDs and DVDs for playback on most popular DVD players; create one-step, Web-ready photo albums with thumbnail index pages and captions; and rip, burn, restore, mix and manage their favorite digital music. Whether it's creating media-rich slideshow experiences to share on video CDs and DVDs, ripping MP3s, or mixing and burning music CDs, users can do so with ease using one centralized user interface design.

MediaWorks Key Features

Integrated User Interface — All the major features are accessed by simply selecting from a choice of tabs that guide the user through the process with built-in instructions.

PhotoVideo Shows — Create enhanced slideshows that combine photos, videos and music effortlessly - all in the same show. Build a music playlist to construct a soundtrack and easily synchronize photo transitions to the music.

Burn Video CDs and DVDs — Share PhotoVideo Shows by burning them to Video CDs and DVDs for playback on most DVD players. To watch Video CDs and DVDs on your PC, MediaWorks is bundled with InterVideo's WinDVD 4, the #1 software DVD player.

Build Web Ready Photo Albums — Build digital photo albums from PhotoVideo shows in one simple step. MediaWorks automatically generate thumbnails and index pages - formatted to share on the web or backup on CD or DVD.

Match Beat — Synchronize photos to the music. In MediaWorks, when you playback a slideshow, you can click the "Match Beat" button to advance the show to the next slide; MediaWorks will adjust the duration of that photo so that it ends right when you clicked the button. Also you can use the "Match Beat" button to manually sync photo transitions to beats or specific moments in the underlying music soundtrack.

Professional Quality MP3s and Music CDs — MediaWorks contains all the high-powered music mixing, editing and burning features from pyro 2004, including unlimited MP3 ripping, waveform previews with fast and easy cropping, crossfading and splitting, and sound enhancement and restoration.

Copy CDs and DVDs — MediaWorks can copy music and data CDs, and can make direct, disc-to-disc copies if multiple drives are available. Users may also select in advance how many copies they would like to make. Also allows for copy single-layer, non-commercial DVDs.

Make Data CDs and DVDs — Simple archiving of important files with an integrated interface for burning data CDs and DVDs; Recordable DVD discs can hold up to 4.7 GB of data.

Action-based Assistance — Beyond simple Help, MediaWorks starts up with a friendly welcome screen that lists high-level actions that are just a mouse click away in the application. Clicking on one of the links takes you to where you need to be, where you then receive further detailed assistance from the built-in instructions panes.


  • Create PhotoVideo shows —enhanced slideshows with photos, videos and music —all in the same show
  • Burn PhotoVideo shows to Video CDs and DVDs that playback on most home DVD players
  • Includes InterVideo's® WinDVD® 4, the No.1 software DVD Player
  • Automatically build PhotoVideo Shows into Albums, with thumbnails, captions and index pages —automatically formatted to share on the web
  • Sequence photos and videos together, with image rotation and auto-resizing
  • Set the "slide duration" for all the photos in a show, or customize lengths for individual photos
  • Add several music files into a PhotoVideo Show to create a full background music mix
  • Synchronize photos to match the beats in the background music
  • Complete and individual volume control for music and video files
  • Burn data DVD discs for backup storage of up to 4.7 GB per disc
  • Copy DVDs using a single drive, or make direct disc-to-disc copies with multiple DVD drives (for single-layer DVDs without copy protection)
  • Sort photos and videos by name, image size and duration
  • Add commentary to home videos or slideshows

Also includes all the features of Cakewalk pyro 2004™ — The ultimate software for the enjoyment and management of digital music.

  • Record, mix, organize and enjoy digital music
  • Rip and burn music CDs to/from MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Unlimited professional-quality MP3 and Windows Media 9 encoding
  • Backup audio CDs with easy disc copying
  • Restore LPs and tapes on CD
  • Record Internet broadcasts
  • Make razor-sharp graphical edits right on the audio waveform
  • Automatically set volumes and crossfade songs together for DJ-style mixes
  • Maximize, clean and enhance audio with pro effects
  • Recognizes album names, song titles, and artists names from commercial CDs
  • Listen to playlists on your PC, or take the music with you on CD or portable music player
  • Includes NEATO® MediaFace™ 4 labeling software

Pricing and Availability

Cakewalk MediaWorks has an estimated street price of $79.00 U.S., and is now available in leading US consumer electronics retailers including CompUSA, Circuit City, Fry's Electronics and Micro Center. MediaWorks can also be purchased direct from Cakewalk on CD or as a download. For more information visit; or call 888-CAKEWALK (617-423-9004 outside U.S.).

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