Bass Lift Technology

Since bass material often dominates the peaks of source material (bass drum, etc), it is often the first thing to be limited, and this doesn’t always produce desirable results. In the case of a drum kit, for example, the bass drum will be limited quickly, leaving the hi-hat to grow disproportionately as the threshold level is reduced. Additionally, it is often desirable to make the bass sound "fatter", thus adding “character” to the source material.

The Concrete Limiter's "Bass" switch allows low-frequency material to slightly soft-clip while limiting. This offers an increase in RMS and perceived level while imparting the “fat” sound associated with tube-type soft-clipping. The perceived level increase can be +6dB for low-level signals (well below the threshold value) and about +1.5dB for signals that are being actively limited with gain-reduction.

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