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Are you new to SONAR?

You’re not alone—more and more musicians are discovering why SONAR is becoming the choice of pros. SONAR’s innovations delivered every month, range from unique features like the adaptive User Interface known as “Lenses,” to many other exclusive highlights such as having a Drum Replacer built-in on every track. We believe your tools should never compromise your creativity—and SONAR’s ongoing evolution opens up new creative possibilities every month.

When you buy SONAR, either from our online store or from your favorite retailer, you own the product outright – enjoy!

As a new SONAR owner, you’ll get 12 months of free updates from Cakewalk, including bug fixes as well as brand new features.

When you shop from the Cakewalk online store, we also give you the option to rent-to-own SONAR with monthly payments. After 12 consecutive payments, you own the product.

Upgrading SONAR to a more advanced edition

If you want to upgrade your copy of SONAR to a more advanced edition, you simply pay the difference in the current price.

  • If you own SONAR Home Studio, upgrade to SONAR Artist, Professional or Platinum for $49 off the regular price.
  • If you own SONAR Artist, upgrade to SONAR Professional or Platinum for $99 off the regular price.
  • If you own SONAR Professional, upgrade to SONAR Platinum for $199 off the regular price.
  • We will no longer offer discounts for any other editions of SONAR or from other Cakewalk products.

To Renew your SONAR Rolling Updates or Upgrade to a higher version click here.

Stay current with SONAR

Cakewalk’s unique approach to updating technology monthly has revolutionized SONAR. New and old SONAR users alike have seen the DAW materialize into a modern and inspiring system—combining all the benefits of analog warmth with intuitive digital workflow. From unique tools such as Drum Replacer, VocalSync and Console Emulation that save time and enhance sonic quality, to serious workflow enhancements such as Patch Points, Aux Tracks and Mix Recall; the new SONAR gives you so many options to express and capitalize on your musical creativity.

After your first 12 months of free updates on your new purchase of SONAR, you can buy another 12 months of updates for at least 50% off the regular price of SONAR.

Or, if you signed up for the rent-to-own plan, just continue to pay monthly for at least 50% off your regular monthly rate.

SONAR never expires

As a SONAR owner, if you choose not to update, don’t worry — SONAR never expires. Period. You can keep enjoying it as you have been – you just won’t receive any more updates.

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