Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with paying annually

When you pay up front you get 12 months of updates and support from the date of purchase and your product is unlocked forever.

*LifeProTip: it costs less overall than paying monthly. More money for hot pockets.

What’s the deal with paying monthly?

Let's break it down. 4... 3... 2...

  • Make one payment every 30 days.
  • Stop making payments and you will stop receiving support and SONAR will go into demo mode.
  • Updates delivered during Membership are unlocked while your Membership is active
  • After 12 consecutive payments the updates are yours to keep forever.
*LifeProTip: it costs more overall than paying upfront. Less money for hot pockets.

What is a "Membership" and all this talk of “updates” and “support”?

The period of time you receive support and updates for your version of SONAR. You can find this here.

I’m addicted, how do I get more updates and support for SONAR?

Simply buy it again. An additional 12 months will be added to your account.

What happens if I reload before my support period ends?

You win another year of support that is tacked onto your current one.

Can I buy SONAR as a gift?

You can! Don’t forget that cup noodles also make a great gift. Also tacos. Buy SONAR as gift with the links below:

I have a game addiction - can I buy/use SONAR on Steam?

SONAR can Steam and so can you. To learn more about SONAR Season Passes and Cakewalk products on Steam, heat up a hot pocket and visit us on the steam store.

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