pyro 1.5 Update

Last updated on 3/11/2016

The information in the article applies to:

  • pyro 1.x


What's new in the pyro 1.5 update?


  • Support windows 2003, Win XP, Win ME (pyro 1.5 does not support Win95)
  • Burns MP3 data CDs (stores files in MP3 or WMA format)
  • Resizable window-great if you have a big monitor or high screen resolution!
  • Supports almost all CD-R drives with new technology
  • Many bus fixes

Please note:Pyro 2003 is now available,so we recommend you skip version 1.5 and jump right into 2003. we will continue to sell the 1.5 update for a limited time, but 2003 is a much better value.

  1. After purchasing the 1.5 update,download the pyro 1.5 patch to your computer. The file's name is Pyro15Update.exe saving the file to your Windows Desktop will make it easy to find.
  2. As with all Windows installations, we strongly recommend you close all open programs before staring the installation (step 3.) It's especially important that you close any system monitor or PC first aid type programs before installing any software.
  3. Begin the installation by either double-clicking the file, or click the  Windows Start Button, Choose Run, and enter the correct path.  
  4. The Pyro 1.5 update will search your system and apply the update to the correct location.
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