Converting Records or Tapes to CD in Pyro 1.x

Last updated on 3/11/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • pyro 1.x

You'll need to use a WAV recorder program to record a WAV file of the record of tape. pyro ships with a WAV recorder named CD Wave. To start CD Wave Click the Tools from within pyro's menu, then select Record Audio. Then you'll use pyro to convert the WAV files into an audio CD.

Next, Check your physical Connections. You'll need to arrange your equipment this way:

Record player --> Stereo Amplifier --> Line Out of Stereo Amplifier -->Line In of your sound card

Next, verify some software settings:

*Choose Start | Programs | Accessories | Multimedia | Volume Control | Options | Properties.

Click on 'Adjust Volume For Recording' and make sure all of the boxes below are checked.

Click OK, and then locate the 'Line In' and 'Mic' sliders. Make sure the 'Select' boxes at the bottom are checked (you may only be able to check one at a time- Line in is appropriate for your purposes).

Close the window down and try recording in CD Wave again. 

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