How to copy CDs and DVDs in Media Works

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • Media Works
  • PYRO Plus

Media Works and pyro 2004 have ability to copy CDs, Media Works can also copy DVDs directly from another drive.

  1. Inside Media Works, click the Copy CD/DVD tab.
  2. In the 'copy' field, choose the kind of disc you're copying (Audio, Data, or Non-Commercial Data DVD.
  3. Place the CD or DVD you want to copy into your non-burning CD or DVD drive.
  4. Make sure the name of this drive is displayed in the copy from drive field of Media Works copy CD/DVD tab.
  5.  If you want to copy directly to another CD or DVD, Place a blank CD or DVD into the drive that you burn with.

If you only have one CD-RW or DVD-RW drive, you can copy the disc with the same drive. This will store the information temporarily on your computer's hard drive until you put the blank disc in to be burned.

Note: Most commercial movie DVDs are anywhere from 7 to over 9 gigabytes in size. You will not be able to copy these discs to standard 4.7 gigabyte DVD-R/W Discs. 

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