Making Videos and Slide Shows

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in  this article applies to:

  • Media works
  • PYRO Plus

Both videos and still photos can be added to your DVD or CD. Here's how videos, still photos and music files are handled in a slide show.

Video-In a slide show, videos play until their conclusion.

Still photos- Each still photo appears for as many seconds as you select.

Music- You can also add one more music files to your video or slide show, and set how long each one plays, and at what volume. If the videos have their own soundtracks, and you want to add additional music, you can adjust the volumes of both audio sources independently. When you've finished creating your video or slide show, you can burn it to DVD or Video CD and play it on a home DVD player.

Steps for creating a Video or Slide Show

  1. Click the Photo Video tab.
  2. Use the Folder and Files panes to select the Videos and/or photos you want to use, and add them to your project (drag them to the photos and Video list that's in the bottom pane, or select them and click the add to project button).
  3. You can change the order of the files in the project by selecting one at a time, and then clicking the up or down arrows on the Edit:Move Button, or the Remove button if you want to remove selected files form the project. 
  4. You can rotate photos (not videos) by selecting them, and then clicking the right or left arrows on the Rotate button.
  5. Adjust the display time of any still Photos in your project by selecting one file at a time and double-clicking the Length field. You can set the display times of all the photos to the same value if you want.
  6. If any videos in your project have soundtracks, you can adjust their volumes by double-clicking the Photos and Video list's Volume column, and typing in a Value.
  7. If you want to add music files to your project, use the Folders and Files panes to select the files you want to use, and add them to your project (drag them to the Music list that's in the bottom pane, or select them and click the add to project button).
  8. Adjust the volumes and lengths of your music files by double-clicking the Music list's Volume and Length columns,respectively.
  9. If want ant of the photos (not videos) to change to the next photo at a certain place in the music, start playing the music, and whenyou reach the time when you want the photo to chage, click the Match Beat button. Media Works adjust the length of the photo so that it changes at the desired time.
  10. Insert a blank disc into your burner, click the  burn disc button, and select either Burn DVD or Burn Video CD from the popup menu. The first time you Burn a DVD(or  use the tool-Activate Video DVD Burning command), Media Works display a link to website to get an activation code for you video DVD burning Follow the directions to activate video DVD burning.

Note:If you use a rewriteable disc to burn with, Media Works erases any data on the disc before burning.


  • Select burning options in the dialog that appears, and click OK to start burning. Media Works starts burning your disc, and displays a progress bar.

Note: Burning a video DVD can take a significant amount of time ( this is normal in all DVD authoring software). Burning is basically a three- step process that includes encoding your project into an MPEG file (this can take as long as the finished video takes to play), authiring the files structure (this is usually a short Procedure), and burning, which goes as fast as your DVD burner can handle the amount of data ypur're working with. Since DVD videos require at least one gigabyte of space on the disc anyway.
 When you're though burning your disc, you can play it in a home DVD player, or on your computer, using the included DVD-player software.

You can't overlap or fade-out music files in the photo Video tab. but if you want to do that, you can over lap files in the Make Audio CD tab, and save the files as one new file that you can add to the bottom pane of the photo Video tab.





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