Confidence Recording with Waveform Previews

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 8.5
  • SONAR 8
  • SONAR 7
  • SONAR 6
  • SONAR 5
  • SONAR 4
  • SONAR 3
  • SONAR Home Studio (All Versions)

By default, waveform previews take a meter sample for each meter frame. The Default interval between meter frames is 40 milliseconds. The 'Wave Preview Sample Frequency' CAKEWALK.INI variables lets you specify how frequent samples are taken. The value can be an integer between 1 and 10, and represents the number of frames to sample. It goes in the [Wincake] section of CAKEWALK.INI For Example:


With the default value (1), every meter frame gets written to the history file. With higher values (2-10), frames will be skipped, causing fewer history frames to be written to the history file. Higher value may be desirable if the waveform previews are affecting playback performance. 

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