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Last updated on 12/16/2015
The information in this article applies to:
  • SONAR (all versions)
  • SONAR Home Studio (all versions)
  • Guitar Tracks (all versions)
  • Music Creator (all versions)
Audio Driver Error: The following driver(s) either do not support the current audio format, or are in use by another application.

This error is usually caused by audio driver configuration problems. The first thing to do is check the Audio Hardware Guide and make sure your sound card or interface is set up properly.

Aside from basic setup, you will get this error message when setting the Driver Bit Depth or Sampling Rate beyond the capabilities of the currently selected sound card or if you open a project recorded in a different sample rate than the sample rate your sound card is currently set to.

To troubleshoot this, try investigating the following:

  1. Find out if this problem only happens with previously created projects or if it also happens with new projects. If it only happens with previously recorded projects, then your projects are probably recorded in a different sample rate than what your sound card is currently set to.

    You can determine the sample rate of the project in the Transport Module in the Control Bar (in newer products) or by looking in the Status Bar at the bottom (in legacy products). Once determining the sample rate of the project, try setting your sound card to this sample rate in it's proprietary control panel or with its physical sample rate knob or switch (if available).
  1. If you are using a dedicated audio interface and also have your internal sound card enabled, try disabling the drivers for your internal sound card in SONAR's settings. In newer products this is found under Edit > Preferences > Audio - Devices. In legacy products it is found under Options > Audio > Drivers.
  1. If you are experience this problem in new projects, try going to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording (Options > Audio > Advanced in legacy products) and reduce the Driver Bit Depth to '16' and the Sampling Rate to '44100'. This is CD-quality and is the best option for most users. Please keep in mind that while many consumer cards such as the Creative Labs Audigy advertise 24-bit capabilities, however their drivers only support 16-bit recording/playback.
  1. Your card may also be in use by another program on the computer. To eliminate this problem, please close all applications running in the background such as Real Player, Windows Media Player, etc and turn off all Windows Sounds from the Control Panel. You may then need to restart your Cakewalk application.
  1. If your soundcard's clock can be controlled via an external connection (ie Word Clock, ADAT, etc) or via a control panel, please make sure that all devices' current sampling rate matches the sample rate settings in SONAR.
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