One or more sound cards do not support stereo

Last updated on 11/5/2009
The Information this article applies to:
  • SONAR 5
  • SONAR 4
  • SONAR 3
  • SONAR 2
  • SONAR 1
  • SONAR Home Studio Version 4
  • Music Creator 3
  • Guitar Tracks Pro 3
One or more sound cards do not support stereo. The default audio format has been set to mono.
  1. This error will occur with Creative Labs Live! and Audigy cards when using the Creative Lab Supplied WDM drivers in windows 2000 and XP. The current solution is to load the Microsoft WDM drivers that ship with the OS or to use 3rd party drivers such as the KX Project Drivers. Please note that we cannot be responsible for technical difficulties arising from the use of non-official hardware drivers.
  2. This error also will occur with Echo WDM Drivers 6.01 and beyond when using 'Super Interleave Mode'. The solution is to change your Driver bit Depth to 24 as recommended by the Echo Read Me File. This will not Effect your ability to record 16-bit audio.    
  3. You may be accessing the incorrect driver mode. Your interface may be accessing the wrong driver mode. Go to Options | Audio | Advanced and change the Driver Mode to MME or ASIO. Close the program and re-open it. If that fails, delete the file AUD.INI. It may be easiest to delete the files from the Windows Search under Start | Search | All Files and Folders. Click to display the "More Advanced Options" and make sure there is a check in "Search Hidden Files and Folders". Now change the driver mode back again.

    Please go to the Hardware Setup Page and follow the setup instructions for your interface.

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