Tassman Install Problems

Last updated on 3/18/2016

If Tassman does not work correctly, gives you an Out Of Memory error message or doesn't install properly, try the following steps:

Uninstall Tassman. In Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs you may see Tassman DXi. If you do, uninstall it now. If it doesn't appear here, skip to the next step.

Install Tassman again to the default folders. Insert your SONAR CD. On the Autorun screen click Install -> SONAR. On the Select Components screen leave only "DX Instruments" checked and proceed with the installation. You must install Tassman to the default location to correct this problem.

If Tassman still doesn't work, download then double-click on this file (Register DXi's.bat). This BAT file assumes that the Tassman was installed to the default location.

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