What's New in SONAR 4

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in the article applies to:

  • SONAR 4 Producer Edition 
  • SONAR 4 Studio Edition

SONAR 4 has Several new features.

  • Surround Mixing (SONAR Producer only)
  • Surround Bridge (Surround Effects Linker) (SONAR Producer only)
  • Joystick Support (SONAR Producer only)
  • Lexicon Pantheon Surround Reverb (SONAR Producer only)
  • Sonitus Surround Compressor (SONAR Producer only)
  • Video Thumbnail Track (SONAR Producer only)
  • Track Folders 
  • Freeze Synth or Tracks
  • Loop Construction View Enhancements 
  • Bus-able Audio Metronome
  • Group Editing (Multi Clip Slip-Editing, Fades and Spits)
  • Take Management and Comping Enhancements
  • Track Layers 
  • Powerful crossfade tool for cropping overlapping clips
  • Mute Tool-Clip-based(Clip Mute) or time-based within a clip, and Isolating (Clip Soloing)
  • Video Export to Quick Time, Windows Media Video, and AVI
  • Enhanced Key Bindings 
  • Nudging
  • Navigator View
  • Audition (Selection Playback)
  • Cakewalk TTS-1 Dxi Synth 
  • POW-r Dithering (SONAR Producer only)
  • Prosoniq MPEX Time Scaling (SONAR Producer only)
  • Configurable RMS and Peak Meter Ballistics
  • Six Stereo panning laws 
  • Powerful presets for frequently used export settings
  • Export buses and tracks into a composite mixdown, or as individual files 
  • WMA9, 5.1 WMA9 Pro, and WMA9 Lossless Encoding 
  • Open support for external command-line encoders
  • Color Enhancements (Console view and clips)  

Please see the NEW Features in SONAR 4 section in the online Help for more information. You can access this help topic from Help-What's New. 

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