Control Surface with Jog Wheel

Last updated on 3/18/2016

 The information in this article applies to: 

  • SONAR 4

There are two new CAKEWALK.INI variables that control the behavior of using a surface jog wheel to change SONAR's Now time:

PauseOnJog=<0 or 1>(default=0; off) 

JogPosTimer is the period of the now time throttle. when a jog message comes in, SOANR sets the transport time immediately but will not set the transport time again for this length of time. During the time, SONAR just remember the latest jog time received. 

PauseOnJog is the main switch. 1 does a pause and invokes the throttle timer. 0 just sends the now time with no pause and no throttle timer. If 0, the setting of JogPauseTimer is "don't care". 

This variable should be set in the [Wincake] section. For example:


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