SONAR 4.0.1 Update Patch

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Note: This download patches English, French, and German language installations of SONAR 4, either from copies purchased directly from Cakewalk and North American retail outlets, or from the SONAR 4 European version. This patch will not update the SONAR 4 downloadable Web Demo version or the SONAR 4 Test Drive kit.

This free update includes new features and over 60 bug fixes that enhance the initial release of SONAR 4.

The SONAR 4.0.1 Update Patch includes the following enhancements:

New in SONAR 4.0.1:

  • MPEX time/pitch scaling has been updated from MPEX2 to MPEX3
  • New extensions to Yamaha OPT Level 1 support. OPT Editors can now read the state out of the gear via a Sysx bulk dump, done automatically by the OPT Editor.
  • Audio scrubbing has been enhanced; holding down the Alt key scrubs at unity gain
  • MP3 export dialog now persists its settings
  • The external encoder tool now supports saving dual wav and encoded files, and can import/export profiles.

Fixed in SONAR 4.0.1:

  • Video: Audio from Type 1 DV video files can now be imported in SONAR properly
  • Crash could occur if a touch-sensitive control surface fader was touched while exiting SONAR
  • Double-clicking any MIDI track envelope node would fail to set it to it's default value
  • Two clicks were required to activate a button when the target window did not have focus
  • The audio metronome would accent the first beat even if 'Accent First Beat' was disabled.
  • MFX real-time timestamps would get lost with VSTi synths, and all events would be transmitted simultaneously.
  • Slip-edited audio clips would show "ghost" contents during drag-move in empty/silent part of clip
  • Dragging and dropping a MIDI Groove Clip to empty area did not create a new track
  • It was not possible to unfreeze a DXi synth after track was cloned or clip was copied/moved into a different track
  • Copying (via Ctrl-drag) a frozen track clip to a new track would create a new DXi track (input assign to a DXi synth instead of "None").
  • A crash could occur when stopping transport during MIDI sync
  • [Loop Construction View] Slice Auto Preview would ignore the key set in the project or Loop Construction view
  • The install dialog was truncating information when using a video resolution of 1280x1024 120DPI.
  • MP3 Encoder online Help was not installed
  • It was not possible to drag a clip from one project to an existing track in another project
  • Pasting track automation with 'Replace Old With New' could delete existing clip(s) instead of only replacing existing automation
  • Copying or moving clips in the Track view was sometimes very slow.
  • Loop Construction view would deselect the current slice when moving a slice marker
  • Sort did not sort tracks that were nested within Track Folders
  • It was not possible to edit clip pan envelope on copied clip in multilane track
  • F1 did not open online Help for Help | QuickStart or Help | Tip of the Day
  • The Mute tool would show clip selections on wrong tracks if in folder tracks
  • Lasso selection didn't select visible clips if lasso caused vertical scroll off-screen
  • Nudging a note in the Piano Roll view could extend the note's selection range
  • Loop Explorer view would audition loops at initial project tempo instead of current tempo at Now time
  • Transposing/moving drum note in Piano Roll view would sometimes display duplicate "ghost" note.
  • Clip mute icon could extend outside clip boundary when zoomed out
  • Crash could occur when exporting to MP3 at lowest-quality Lame settings
  • Track view widgets/controls could display incorrect values on file open
  • Crash could occur when nudging clip during playback
  • Deleting a maximized track could result in misalignment between the Track view and Clips pane
  • It was not possible to nudge a slip-edited (cropped) clip to the left beyond the clip's start time.
  • Surround Bus sends could slow playback and result in dropouts with certain sound cards
  • Composite folder clips were not redrawn correctly when pressing Shift-F (Fit Project to Window)
  • Lasso selection now only selects composite folder clips if the entire composite clip is fully selected
  • Tracks that were dropped onto a Track Folder were not placed at the bottom of the folder
  • It was not possible to lasso select the first clip in a track folder
  • VB-1 VSTi would distort in SONAR
  • Clips pane performance has been greatly improved when working with many tracks/clips and track folders
  • Clips did not auto-crossfade when using nudge
  • Track envelope nodes did not move when nudging clips (with 'Select Track Envelopes With Selected Clips' enabled)
  • Opening/closing track folders with many tracks is much faster
  • Some soft synths could potentially miss the first note during playback if playback was started at the exact note start time.
  • VTS effects that support tempo sync could cause garbled audio and feedback
  • OrganizedTrio VSTi and some other VSTi synths could cause feedback
  • Cakewalk TTS-1 DXi chorus effect produced distortion and strange delay effect
  • SONAR 3 projects that have Interleave set to stereo on tracks with mono clips, will sound identical in SONAR 4 with no user intervention required
  • Freeze now takes into account trim and phase and resets these post freeze
  • Tracks within folders could move to a different folder after reordering folder positions with drag&drop gestures
  • Playback would not always be identical before and after freeze due to the track interleave setting. SONAR now sets the interleave post freeze to match the interleave of the resultant frozen data.
  • Undoing a clip drag that created a multilane track did not reset to single lane
  • Pressing "H", "Shift+H", and "Shift+S" could result in a crash if the selection spanned track folders
  • Unsoloing a partially soloed track folder did not unsolo any DXi tracks within the folder
  • Waveform was not displayed when moving/copying partial clip selection
  • It was not possible to access/highlight effect insert points from the keyboard
  • Horizontal zooming is a lot faster and smoother when the Navigator view is open
  • If you held down the Shift key while applying fades to multiple selected clips, the fade could extend past the cropped end of clips other than the one you were directly modifying
  • Audio metronome would not follow tempo changes properly during recording if a count-in was used
  • Using the Split or Zoom tool to scroll the Clips pane did not redraw clips properly
  • Clip fades did not completely disappear when quickly dragged past the ends of a clip
  • Entire clip remained muted after playing past a muted section and restarting Play

In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 4 Producer or SONAR 4 Studio customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

Note: tNote: this download will not patch the SONAR 4 Web Demo nor the SONAR 4 Test Drive.

Download SONAR 4.0.1 Update Patch

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