SONAR 4.0.2 Maintenance Release

Last updated on 3/18/2016

This update focuses on control surface, QuickTime, OMF, and VST Adapter enhancements, and around 20 bug fixes.

Note: This patch requires SONAR 4.0.1. If you have version 4.0.0, you must first download and install the 4.0.1 Maintenance Release.

Control Surface improvements:

  • Control Surface API now supports metering
  • Enhancements that improve performance (new framework changes which are designed to make surfaces put much less load on the host)
  • Mackie Control supports "Signal" LED and meters.
  • Support for Mackie C4
  • MotorMix now supports meters and other improvements:
    • Supports Undo / Redo and Save
    • Supports Input Monitoring on Tracks
    • Supports all Bus Parameters
    • Supports all Mains Parameters
    • Strip types are now Trks, Bus, Mains (previously Trks, Aux, Bus)
  • New RedRover control surface module
  • Note: control surface modules not included in this patch must be later updated to take advantage of metering and performance benefits

OMF improvements:

  • User selectable sample rate and bit depth when importing OMF files
  • Ability to read OMF files created by Avid and Pro Tools system that contain NEST and TRANSITION constructs

VST Adapter improvements:

  • Error message would appear when inserting UAD-1 Powered Plug-in effects in series
  • NRPN event could not be sent directly to VSTi synths, even if the "Do not intercept NRPNs" option was not enabled
  • Certain plug-in GUI's would take an excessive time to open
  • Certain plug-in would take an excessive time to insert

QuickTime improvements:

  • QuickTime one-pass export
  • Frames are no longer doubled in some NTSC movies
  • QuickTime movie playback performance gains, particularly for movies that have been trimmed inside SONAR
  • More reliable seeking behavior with QuickTime movies

Various other enhancements:

  • Ability to specify default pre fader send mute behavior (specify whether or not track/bus mute and solo should affect pre fader sends)
  • Ability to export multi-channel audio to external command-line encoders

Bug Fixes:

  • The correct time signature was not imported when importing (not opening) MIDI files
  • Audio data could end up on the wrong track when loading and re-saving a bundle file
  • In very rare cases, switching a master bus to mono, pressing play, then toggling the Audio Engine button could cause a crash.
  • Slow tempos would affect smoothness of video playback (see 'High Resolution Reference Clock' topic in the README file)
  • It was not possible to remotely input MIDI note values in dialog boxes from a MIDI device
  • The application would become unresponsive if the QuickTime Movie Settings dialog obscured the Video view
  • Many "Server Busy" messages would appear when trying to export a trimmed video clip as a QuickTime movie.
  • Nodes in Sonitus EQ would display in the wrong position in 16-bit color mode
  • SONAR was not able to import certain RIFF WAV files that were created in applications (such as MOTU Digital Performer) that don't write a completely legal WAVEFOPRMATEX header
  • Bus meters would sometimes disappear temporarily
  • Track envelopes on MIDI tracks could be moved to begin at time 1:01:000 under certain circumstances even if the first node did not start at time 1:01:000
  • Audio Groove clips exported as 24-bit files (ACID loops) would not always save the loop attributes correctly
  • When exporting to OMF, stereo tracks split to mono were not kept in the correct order
  • After exporting a project with stereo tracks to split mono OMF, the stereo tracks were renamed with a '- L' suffix
  • It was not possible to mute/unmute a main output from a control surface
  • When using Reason as a ReWire device in SONAR, Reason would become unresponsive if you removed Reason from the Synth Rack then tried to manually close Reason
  • TTS-1 DXi would sometimes cause a page heap error when closing its property page

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