Playing MIDI files-Using DXi softsynth

Last updated on 3/18/2016

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Why do I need a synthesizer to play MIDI tracks?
In order for you to hear MIDI play you need a synthesizer to generate the sound of the notes in your project. Synthesizers can be hardware based, as in a keyboard or sound module, or a software synth that exists as a program inside your PC. All current versions of Cakewalk sequencer products, including SONAR LE, come with software synthesizers.

Now that you understand software synthesizers, this document will serve as a quick "how to" to get you started in the right direction. You'll find a more in depth guide available in your product's Help file called "Using soft synths".

Adding a DXi Soft Synth to your project
The easiest way to bring a DXi (aka soft synth) into you project is by selecting
insert | DXi from the track view in SONAR.

Once you have chosen your DXi, an insert DXI synth options screen will appear

Hit OK to accept the choices on this Options screen.

With your DXi inserted into your project you can choose that soft synth as the Output for any MIDI track. Press Play to hear the new soft synth generate the sound of the notes stored in your project's MIDI tracks. You'll also be able to hear your DXi MIDI track sound as you are recording.

Once you've mastered this step you'll probably want to see what new sounds are available to you. Most soft synths contain hundreds of new instrument sounds you can dial up at will. To learn how to browse through the available sounds, click the Help menu in your Cakewalk program, then choose Help Topics. Choose the topic called "Using Soft Synths" for a complete run through.

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