Which Patch should I apply?

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 4

Which patch Should I Apply?-More Information

I'm running SONAR version 4.0.2

Anyone updating from 4.0.2 for the first time use the new 4.0.3 patch.

I've already installed a SONAR 4.0.3 update
You may not need to install the new 4.0.3 update. To determine if you need the update check the version property of specific SONAR file. The File is called cw13auto.dll and it resides in the\Shared Utilities\ folder. When SONAR has been successfully updated to version 4.0.3 the version of cw13auto.dll should read if your file displays some other version number, you need to install the new 4.0.3 patch.

How do I check the version number of cw13auto.dll?
You right-click on the file and choose Properties. Then look at the version tab.
You'll find the cw13auto.dll file in the \Shared Utilities folder. In a default installation that folder is location here:C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities folder. In a default installation that folder is located here:

Installation Notes
When running the new 4.0.3 patch it may detect that some of SONAR's components have been updated to 4.0.3. If you see a pop up message to that effect, continue running the patch.

Common Questions
I can't find my cw13auto.dll file, or windows says its a hidden or protected file and i don't want to do the wrong thing. That's okay. When in doubt, go ahead and install the new 4.0.3 patch. Installing 4.0.3 won't cause any problems.

Why do I need to do this update? What will go wrong if I don't install it?
The most common symptom of this problem is the transport refusing to roll. The audio engine will run, soft synths can even be triggered live, but the transport will not move under any circumstances. Depending on what caused the patch to fail in the first place, there may be different symptoms as well, such as an 'Unknown error in sequencer DLL" error when launching SONAR. 

What's the difference between the new 4.0.3 update and the original 4.0.3 update?
The only difference between the two patches is in how cw13auto.dll gets installed. Buts as you've probably figured on your own, that's a pretty important file.

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