Installing French, German or Spanish language packs for use with SONAR 5 x64 version

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 5

New language pack are now available for SONAR 5 x64 version. Install one of the three language packs below to convert SONAR 5 x64 to French, German or Spanish.

At the time of this writing, the localized SONAR 5 installer will not install to an x64 system that uses non-English language packs. At present , Microsoft is only shipping Windows x64 in Japanese and English. If you wish to use another language of SONAR 5 x64 you currently need to apply a language pack to x64 English. This will remain an issue until Microsoft releases localized versions of windows x64.

NOTE: these language packs don't apply to the 32-bit version of SONAR 5. TO use 32-bit SONAR 5 in French, German or Spanish simply start the SONAR % installer from the install DVD, and then select the language of your choice.

If there's a chance you may wish to revert to the English versions of SONAR 5 x64 in the future, you should backup or rename the original Readme.rtf, TTSRes14.dll and TipOfTheDay.txt files before you proceed with the instructions below.

Instructions for Manually replacing the English Readme, TTSRes14 and TipOfTheDay for Non-English users of SONAR 5 x64

  1. After downloading the language pack, open it by double-clicking the file.
  2. Click the Edit menu, choose Select All
  3. Click the Edit menu again and choose Copy. 
  4. Browse to your SONAR 5 x64 installation directory and choose Edit| Paste. Click "Yes To All" when asked if you would like to replace the existing files. Note the default installation directory is c:\Program Files\Cakewalk\SONAR 5 Producer Edition
  5. Re-open  SONAR 5

SONAR 5 x64 Language Packs

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