SONAR 5.2 Update

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 5 Studio
  • SONAR 5 Producer

Please note you must have SONAR 5.0.1 installed in order to install the 5.2 update. The 5.2 update can be applied to English, Spanish, French, and German language installations of SONAR 5, either from copies purchased directly from Cakewalk and North American retail outlets, or from the SONAR 5 European version.

New in 5.2:

  • Supports new VST 2.4 extensions, including 64-bit double-precision streaming and x64 compatibility.
  • SONAR can now receive MIDI data from VST instruments.
  • Added shell support for Waves VST plug-ins (DX versions already supported).
  • Send up to 256 buses (16 channels per bus) of MIDI data to a ReWire device.
  • Control Surface Enhancements (individual control surface plug-ins must be updated)
    • Get/set Record Punch State
    • Send stereo/surround metering to a control surface
    • Get Marker Names
    • Add a Marker
  • Display mouse tracking info while editing MIDI in the Track View or Piano Roll View
    • Displays current MIDI note or CC value in notes area
    • Displays current time (musical or absolute) in the time ruler
  • The Erase Tool has returned to the Piano Roll View and Inline Piano Roll View Toolbars.
    • Auto Erase mode is now available as an option for the Draw Tool.

Fixed in 5.2:

  • When two or more parameters were automated on the same VST on the same track, automation did not render.
  • Deleting a bus could sometimes cause one of its source buses to form a feedback loop and crash SONAR.
  • Incorrect rounding mode used when converting 64-bit double precision to integer PCM formats.
  • Dither was being applied inappropriately to float files
  • The POW-r 2 and POW-r 3 noise shaping curves were slightly incorrect.
  • Rectangular dither had insufficient levels
  • Normalize sometimes caused overs on 32- and 64-bit audio.
  • Enabling “Remove DC Offset During Record” affected both inputs of a stereo pair when only one of the inputs was receiving a signal.
  • Scrolling to offscreen tracks with a control surface did not always bring those tracks into the view.
  • Mackie C4 would sometimes freeze after connecting to SONAR.
  • Some control surfaces would switch SONAR into overwrite mode when changing punch times.
  • UAD-1 plug-ins caused CPU spikes, especially while looping.
  • Groove Agent 2 sometimes dropped out during playback.
  • V-Vocal clips sometimes did not play if the Now Time was set during playback
  • V-Vocal sometimes produced an unwanted “flanging” or “phasing” sound
  • The Audio Metronome caused video to play out of sync when recording.
  • The Audio Metronome would start with a down-beat on a partial measure count-in.
  • When used with a count-in, the Audio Metronome sometimes caused the recording to start late.
  • Delete key did not delete selected MIDI notes in the Inline Piano Roll View.
  • Could not audition MIDI note velocities in the controller pane.
  • Piano Roll View notes appeared to change their start positions during a lasso.
  • Piano Roll View tools were not bindable by user-defined hotkeys.
  • Piano Roll View Zoom Tool hotkey was broken.
  • A Sysx event in a TTS-1 MIDI source track sometimes caused the synth to dropout during playback.
  • RPN/NRPN LSB was reset when MSB is received during recording.
  • When transposing a MIDI track, linked clips were transposed twice.
  • Opening a 24-bit project while playing caused audio distortion.
  • Changing Import Bit Depth to 24 created static at first playback.
  • SONAR would occasionally crash when saving a MIDI Type 1 file.
  • Projects with per-clip effects bins sometimes incorrectly reported a “Disk may be full” error on bounce or export.
  • On rare occasions, if a system crashed after a file save, the file could become corrupt.
  • Snap to clip boundaries occasionally did not work.
  • Ctrl+F did not open/close track folders.
  • In the Track View Clips Pane, pressing the ESC key while the mouse button was held down did not escape out of the operation.
  • SONAR incorrectly populated the ReWire menu when multiple versions of ACID were installed on the same computer

After installing the 5.2 update, please see the ReadMe file for more information.

Please note you must have SONAR 5.0.1 installed.

In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 5 Producer or SONAR 5 Studio customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

DownloadSONAR 5.2 Update

Note: if you are using SONAR 5 x64, download the SONAR 5.2 x64 update.


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