SONAR Web Trial Optional Content

Last updated on 2/18/2010

The files below are available for use with the Web Trial to help you evaluate SONAR.

DownloadInstrument Definitions (1.02 MB)
Import these into SONAR to display bank and program names for various MIDI instruments.

DownloadDrum Maps (521 KB)
Various drum maps that can be used with SONAR's drum editor.

DownloadCAL Scripts (39 KB)
Various CAL (Cakewalk Application Language) scripts that can be used to automate common repetitive tasks.

DownloadTemplates (182 KB)
Various sample templates that can be used as a starting point when creating new projects.

DownloadCWP Files (863 KB)
Six demo songs (MIDI only)

DownloadDon't Matter Audio and Midi Demo.CWB (5.3 MB)
Short demo song that consists of both audio and MIDI tracks.

DownloadSurround Test Tones - 5.1.cwb (528 KB)
Test tones that will help you configure surround channel assignments correctly.

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