Cakewalk Sound Center 1.1 Update & Backwards Compatibility

Last updated on 3/21/2016

Cakewalk Sound Center 1.1 is not backwards compatible with Cakewalk projects and Cakewalk Sound Center programs from 1.0.  When opening a project file that contains Sound Center you may get the message "IDS_GENERIC_ERROR not found in text resource file" or tracks containing Sound Center may not produce any audio.  This error means that Cakewalk Sound Center could not load the program correctly.  To correct it you will need to reload the program in Cakewalk Sound Center by doing the following

  1. Open your project
  2. Click OK to dismiss any error message dialogue(s)
  3. Select the track containing Cakewalk Sound Center by double-clicking on the track icon
  4. Select all in the 'Type' column, to do this hold down SHIFT and click the first item in the list followed by the last item in the list
  5. Locate the name of the program, you can find this in the upper right corner of Sound Center below the meters
  6. Type the name of the program into the search field located below the 'Program' pane
  7. Search results start to show as you type
  8. Double-click on the program listed in the 'Program' pane to re-initialize
  9. Repeat for each instance of Sound Center in your project
  10. Click File > Save to update your project file

Note: custom settings made to Sound Center patches or programs will not persist, they will need to be redone and then re-saved

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