When I record audio I get a flat line/silence

Last updated on 3/21/2016

If you are getting silence when recording audio, make sure you are selecting the proper input for your audio track. For example, if your audio interface has two inputs, the inputs that will most likely show up in your Cakewalk program as:

  • Left Input 1-2
  • Right Input 1-2
  • Stereo Input 1-2

If you are plugging into input 1 on your device, choose "Left Input 1-2". If you are plugging into input 2, choose "Right Input 1-2". If you are plugging into both, then choose "Stereo Input 1-2".

If you are selecting the correct input in your Cakewalk software but still recording silence, then you should make sure the input on your sound card or audio interface is setup properly. Many external audio interfaces have physical Gain or Sensitivity knobs for their pre-amps. Many also have stand-alone control panels in Windows for controlling your input level and turning on Phantom Power if necessary for a condenser mic.

If you are using the internal sound card in your computer, make sure you are turning up the input level on your internal sound card. Instructions for how this is done in Windows are listed below:

If you are using Windows XP:

Open the Windows mixer by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control.

The Windows mixer controls the volume levels of your sound card inputs, and it also can mute any input or output. To open the Windows Mixer, click the Open Windows Mixer button at the bottom of this dialog. The Windows Mixer in Windows XP looks like this:

Recording Control


When you open the Windows Mixer, the setting you're looking for may be labeled Play Control or Recording Control. We want to see the Recording Controls section. To view the Recording Controls:

  1. Click the Options menu and select Properties.
  2. The Properties dialog appears.
  3. In the Adjust Volume For section of the Properties dialog, select the Recording radio button.
  4. In the Show the Following Volume Controls section, the Line-in and Microphone options should be checked. If they are not, check them.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The Recording Controls now appear in the Windows Mixer.
  7. Check the Select box under the input you wish to use, typically Line-in or microphone.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7:


  1. Open the sound properties by right-clicking on the speaker icon near your system clock and selecting "Sounds" or by going to Start > Control Panel > Sound.
  2. Click on the Recording tab in Sound.
  3. Right-click over the input you are trying to record to and select Properties
  4. Click on the Levels tab
  5. Adjust the slider to increase the amount of input signal


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