I can’t see Dimension Pro in Digital Performer

Last updated on 3/28/2016

It is possible that Dimensions Pro’s UI my not be visible when instantiated in Digital Performer if an Audio Bundle is not specified for Dimension Pro’s output. Please view this screenshot to see an example of setting an Audio Bundle as an output…

Additionally, be sure you have the MAS engine properly configured and assigned to an audio driver. This option can be found here: Setup | Configure Audio Hardware | Configure Hardware Drivers. Once the Dimension track is inserted it needs a "new audio output bundle". It feels a little counter intuitive because you simply choose whatever physical outputs you are using, so it doesn't seem like you are actually putting a new output pair into the project. After you do that for the output of the track, Dimension Pro interface will show up. If you just assign it to the existing 1/2 output bundle, it will not work. You need to choose new output, even though you'll really just be choosing the same 1/2 outputs.



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