How do I split up long recordings? The CDs I burn come out as one big track.

Last updated on 3/28/2016

Audio Creator users will need to open the "Editor" module from the Toolbar, Vinyl Recorder users need to open the "Recorder."

In order to break up the long recording into individual tracks, you'll need to add Markers by pressing F11 or right-clicking on the time line and choosing "Insert Marker." You can also name these markers using Artist and Album info if you plan on exporting MP3 files later. If you're burning an Audio CD from the recording, go to File | Save As - WAV. Now check "Add to Audio CD Track List" and "Use Track Markers as Indicators." Make sure the export sample rate and bit depth are 44.1k and 16bit. This should allow you to burn the CD with multiple tracks.

If you're creating separate MP3s from the recording, you have 2 options:

1) Go to File | Save As - MP3. Now check "Use Track Markers as Indicators." This with export a separate MP3 file for each marker. Make sure you have a marker at the beginning of the project as well. You will need to enter the ID tag info of each file when prompted.

2) Go to File | Save As - WAV. Check "Use Track Markers as Indicators." Once the files are exported, open the Encoder module, set up an MP3 preset, click the "Naming" tab and set up your file names and/or check the option to import directly into iTunes. Now drag and drop all of the files onto it.

Please click here for a thorough walkthrough. Also check out these Audio Creator Videos, which apply to Vinyl Recorder as well.



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