I'm getting Dropouts or 'stutters' during playback.

Last updated on 3/28/2016

Note for Audio Creator users - download the latest version 1.5.2 Audio Creator patch or Audio Creator LE patch.

Whenever there are audio dropouts or stuttering issues, you can usually fix that by changing the driver mode from MME to WDM or vice versa. If you have an after market audio card or interface, try ASIO mode. Click here for the Audio Interface Setup Guide.

Please click the "Options" button in the main Toolbar. If in MME, a larger buffer will be more stable, the same goes for WDM; however, a multi-core system may like working with a smaller buffer (towards the fast side) in WDM mode. We find 2 buffers to be quite stable, but if you still get dropouts, 4 or 8 are options.

In Vista or Win7, go to the Control Panel | Sounds, click on the Recording tab. Highlight the USB Audio Codec and click Properties.  On this page, click on the Advanced tab.  If Audio Codec defaults to the microphone as a 1-channel device, instead of a 2-channel device, try switching it to 2-channel. 

For the stuttering playback or monitoring from your LP player, make sure it is not connected to a USB hub, but rather plugged directly into the USB controller. Also, if there are any webcams or other USB devices like that, temporarily unplug them.

If switching driver modes doesn't do the trick, the AUD.INI file may be corrupt. To wipe it out, go to Start | RUN and type %appdata%/cakewalk then press OK. Click on Audio Creator and delete the AUD.INI file. The next time the program launches it will rebuild the file with fresh driver information. Relaunch and try recording again.

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