Can't record and/or the levels are too low.

Last updated on 3/28/2016

In Windows Vista, please go to Start | Run and type in either SNDVOL (for playback controls) or SNDVOL -R (for recording). If you are in XP, type in SNDVOL32 or SNDVOL32 -R. You can adjust your levels here. You can also chose which devices to control: In Vista click the "Device" button for a dropdown list of inputs or devices. In XP go to Options | Properties and choose the Mixer Device there.

Audio Creator users need to open the "Editor module from the Toolbar; Vinyl Recorder users need to open the "Recorder" module. If you have signal going into your sound card or from your USB LP Player, you should see some levels in the Record Meters on the right. If not, go to "Options" in the Toolbar and verify that the correct Recording and Playback Devices are selected. Click the Input Monitor button (or press I) in order to hear what you are recording. Press Record then Play to start recording.

Note for Audio Creator users - You will need the 1.5.2 patch installed for Input Monitoring. Click here for the full version of Audio Creator or here for Audio Creator LE

If none of this works, please click the "Options" button in in the Toolbar again. Try setting the Driver Mode to WDM. If it already is, try MME instead. If you have an aftermarket sound card or interface, ASIO mode may be your best bet. Click here for the Audio Interface Setup Guide.

As a last resort, try recording in Windows Sound Recorder (Start | Programs | Accessories | Entertainment | Sound Recorder). If you cannot record in Sound Recorder or the USB LP Player doesn't show up as a valid device, then you won't be able to record in the program. You should speak with your computer vendor or LP Player manufacturer's technical support. Once they get Sound Recorder working, Cakewalk should work as well.

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