Temp or Disc full error

Last updated on 3/28/2016

If you receive the error, "Pyro could not rip/burn this track" or "the disc is full or the file name is already in use." Then there are a few things to look for. First, illegal characters such as question marks, slashes, asterisks, etc.. Also excessively long file names can also cause this issue. Try to keep the names under 11 characters for a Data CD. Once you rename the files either outside or inside of Pyro, try ripping or burning them again.

If you get this error when recording an audio file, go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Sounds and Audio. Make sure the default recording device is the correct one. What types of files are you trying to burn? WMA, WAV or MP3? If it is a WMA, right-click on the File in Windows and go to Properties. If you see a License tab with Copy Protected showing, then you will not be able to burn or play the song in Pyro.

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