Overview of the Sonitus:fx suite

Last updated on 3/29/2016
  This series of tips explores the Sonitus:fx Suite of effect plug-ins included with SONAR 4 Producer Edition and later.  If you are using SONAR Studio Edition, previous versions of SONAR, or other Cakewalk products that support DirectX effects such as Home Studio, Music Creator, Project5, Guitar Tracks Pro, Plasma, or Kinetic, the Sonitus:fx suite is available as a separate purchase, either individually or as a suite.

The name Sonitus was likely chosen because the Latin translation of Sonitus is “Sound”. Not too far a stretch to make really, but regardless, the Sonitus:fx Suite has been noted for it’s high quality and orderly user interface. The Suite includes the following effect plug-ins:

To get started - click on the effect above that you'd like to learn more about.  To review each of them start with the fx:compressor and then use the navigation links available at the end of each tip.

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