Using the Publisher Module

Last updated on 3/31/2016

Using the Publisher module, you can create a customized streaming music player with a playlist of your music, upload it to your personal or band's web site, and embed it in any other web site. You can also update your playlist with album art; links (URLs); and artist, track, & album information.

The basic process for using Publisher is this:

  1. Give Publisher the details of your FTP site(s) by clicking the Host Settings button, and filling out the Host Configuration dialog. See Publisher Host Configuration.
  2. Create one or more playlists of MP3 songs (see Creating a Publisher Playlist for more information).
  3. Configure some players to upload by clicking the Configure Players button (see Players Setup for Publisher in the help files).
  4. Choose what players you want to upload by clicking the checkbox of each player in the Choose Players to Upload section of the main window.
  5. Upload songs, playlists, and players to an FTP site by clicking the Publish button. This opens the Publish dialog: select the FTP site you want to upload to and the playlists that you want to upload.
  6. Upon successful completion of the upload, the Success dialog appears: the dialog displays fully formatted HTML embed tags for each player uploaded. Copy one of these tags and paste it into a web page to create a link to a specific player.


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