I Can't Record Audio

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • pyro Audio Creator
  • pyro Audio Creator LE
  • TDK Life on Record Vinyl Recorder

If you are unable to record audio through your sound card, try the following suggestions:


Possible problem...

What to do...

The Windows Mixer is not set up properly.


  • Open the Audio Options dialog by clicking the Options button in the main toolbar.
  • On the General tab, click the Open Windows Mixer button. This opens the Windows Mixer to the Record Control dialog.
    NOTE - If the Windows Mixer doesn't show up, you may have specialized sound card drivers which use different software. You can also reach this by going to Start | Run and type in either SNDVOL or SNDVOL -R (SNDVOL32 for WinXP users).
  • Find the column that names the input you are recording from (usually Line-In or Microphone-In), and make sure the checkbox at the bottom of the column has a checkmark, and that the volume slider for that column is turned up.

You haven't selected the correct recording device in the Audio Options dialog.


In the toolbar, click the Options button to open the Audio Options dialog. On the General tab, under Recording Device, look for the name of your sound card driver, and try choosing the Stereo version of it. This way, even if you are recording a mono instrument, Audio Creator will record both channels, so one of them will work. If you succeed in recording with the Stereo selection, you can try the left or right versions to see which mono channel your instrument or microphone is sending.

Your cable is plugged into the wrong input on your sound card.


The Line-In input is usually colored blue on consumer-grade sound cards; the Microphone input is usually pink.

Your sound card isn't hooked up correctly.


Try recording audio using the Microsoft Sound Recorder (Start-Programs-Accessories-Entertainment-Sound Recorder). If it fails, check your sound card documentation to make sure it is properly installed and configured.

Please click here for a related article on audio recording setup. If these suggestions don't work either, check our website for additional suggestions or contact technical support.

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