Guide to New Cakewalk Audio FX 3 Presets

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The following presets were designed by Brian McKeever of Soundtrack Studio in Boston, MA, and are installed automatically with SoundStage 1.01. 



Bad Dream


Echoing large space. Good for dream voices or elements that are ethereal.


Nice space for a large club or bar. Add sources for incidental music and chatter.

Car Radio

It's a small space with a heavily EQ'd point source. Good for when you need to have a major fast-food corporation's signature music appear in a commercial about getting fast-food in your car. Don't drive and eat, though -- that's dangerous!

Cave of Bats

Giant cave with booming echo.


Just add jet noise, wind rumble and a fighter pilot. Then use the "Car Radio" preset for his external radio communications. EQ to taste and serve with a few piping hot explosions.

Drum Set Miked

This is a drum booth that you can place on individual drum tracks. Or, just make a stereo pair and use it as a world-izing booth.

Front Entry

Your main character is walking into the house. He'll pass through this area and hang up his coat and hat. Good general household room. Add a Kitchen by making the room bigger.

Game Show Booth

Great for times when you to have a character or sound effect in a small booth, telephone or otherwise. This is where the guy sweats out the coming round of questions.

Grandpa's in the Attic Again

You're sitting in the family room and Grandpa's up there, playing records from the 30's. Go get him down before he starts dancing around and making hooting noises.

Hallway - Long

It's a long hallway. But you already guessed that.

Hallway - Medium

Yep. Same deal.

Hallway - Short

Ha! This is actually a missile room on a submarine. But it makes a good short hallway too.

Inside the dryer

Great for commercials featuring talking teddy bears in the clothes dryer. Warning: Do not try this at home!

Large Bathroom

Large home facilities or small office bathroom. You can almost hear the guy in the corner stall with the newspaper.


Lots of trapping for the shelves. Move the performer to achieve the desired perspective. Kill the dry signal when doing whispers heard across stacks.

Men's Room at the Bar, Parts 1 & 2

These presets (along with the "Bar" preset) allow you to have a scene at a drinking establishment where your main character goes to the restroom. Use "part 1" for the music and chatter that emanates from the bar area and "part 2" for the character inside the bathroom. Don't forget to pan appropriately, and wash your hands before returning to your seat.

Mitch's Love Shack

This was inspired by a popular TV show about physically attractive lifeguards who sometimes perform beach rescues. Even more amazing than the lifeguards is this show's level of post-production sound quality. (No kidding!)


One episode had Lifeguard Mitch standing outside the beach-guard shack, and another lifeguard inside. Whoever mixed the episode made the voice coming inside the shack sound. exactly like a voice coming from inside a shack. This preset approximates that effect.


Use it to simulate the sound of a tour group in a museum, or move the sound source to simulate the footsteps of that security guard that you're trying to avoid.

Neighbor Playing Music

If you've ever lived in an apartment building with college students, this will bring back memories. Nice preset for sounds like domestic disputes in the next apartment over. Muffles and world-izes the source audio.

Pressure Chamber

Deep sea divers can't ascend to the surface instantly: they need to spend time inside a pressure chamber that slowly lowers the air pressure to normal, or they'll get "the bends." You don't want the bends, so use this preset to simulate what things sound like inside a pressure chamber. You'll be glad you did.

Sly & the Family Throne

Imagine that one day out of the blue, a certain well-known soul/funk band drops by your home for a quick recording session. Happens to me all the time.


Drums in the living room, guitar in the kitchen, bass in the bedroom, horns in the laundry room. but where to put the lead singer himself? I'd pick the bathroom.


Gives a lead vocal band-pass EQ, just like the one their lead singer always uses, plus bathroom reverb. Or use it for voices coming over the guitar solo.

St. Peter's Cathedral

I've never been there, but this should give you the idea. Lots of flavor in this reverb. Nice for church ambience in general.

Stand-up Comic

You're in a lousy little hole-in-the-wall comedy club. The comic's been up there for half an hour, and he sucks. Good luck trying to ignore him!


This simulates the sound of that little club, including its horrible acoustics.

Store PA - Large

Attention Cakewalk shoppers: Put this on a voiceover to simulate a PA announcer.

Store PA - Medium

There's a 1969 Chevy Camaro in the parking lot with its lights on.

Store PA - Small

I'm not running a library here. either buy those magazines or get out. And thank you for shopping Quik-Mart.

Studio A

Ever have to post a scene where somebody is in the "recording studio" sitting in front of some ancient board with analog reel-to-reel machines running behind them? Well, now you can simulate the music coming out of the speakers in that room.

TV in next room

Looks weird, but believe me, it comes in handy. TV's, radios, children, toasters, scary bedtime monsters -- put this on anything, and voila, it's in the next room!


Good for handgun battles in warehouses. Lots of absorption because of all of the cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling.


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