SONAR X1b QuickFixes

Last updated on 3/28/2016

PLEASE READ: The information in this article is provided for archival purposes. If you are experiencing one of the symptoms below, an update is available to address the issue. The below QuickFixes address issues that were present in SONAR X1b but were subsequently resolved in SONAR X1c.

You can locate the SONAR X1c update in the SONAR X1 download section by clicking here. It is not required to install SONAR X1a, SONAR X1b or any of the X1 QuickFixes to install SONAR X1c. If you have already installed X1a, X1b or a QuickFix from below, you can install X1c over it.

Build 255

  • CWBRN-5254, 5236, 5215, 5311, 5312: Resolved an issue where when selecting MIDI inputs would not select the correct port in certain situations
  • CWBRN-4455: In the Staff View, the correct note duration is now entered when using the note duration shortcuts to switch between values
  • CWBRN-4037, 4390: Resolved an issue where Track Interleave settings would change when toggling Input Echo or opening a project containing echoed tracks
  • CWBRN-5210, 5296: Some audio devices which change the number of inputs and outputs based on the selected sample rate would require a restart of the application before they would work when a project at different the sample rate was loaded. SONAR now detects and dynamically changes the number of ports in response to sample rate changes.
  • CWBRN-5294: Resolved an issue where hiding the ProChannel module in the Console View would not hide the ProChannel GUI if shown/expanded
  • CWBRN-4046, 5295: The context menu for inserting a Send from the Track Inspector now displays correctly when inserting a second send
  • CWBRN-4047: Resolved an issue where dragging plug-ins from the plug-in browser could crash or hang SONAR under rare circumstances

Build 246


  • CWBRN-4343: Clip automation envelopes now insert at the default value and not the value of previously deleted envelopes
  • CWBRN-4442: Magnetic strength no longer reverts to medium strength when saving a project
  • Build 245 has been removed from the SONAR X1 download list - please use build 246

Build 245



  • CWBRN-4306 & 4386:  Staff view note duration now behaves correctly when set from the Tools HUD
  • CWBRN-3886: Tascam FW-1082 ASIO and 'Play effect tails' will no longer make a loud noise when set to off
  • CWBRN-4235: Mp3's can now be previewed at host tempo from the browser
  • CWBRN-4368: The default snap setting now behaves correctly for new projects
  • CWBRN's 3552, 3943, 4409 & 4419: Vertical scroll position will now stay put when clicking buttons on a track folder
  • MIDI echo now works correctly when the input is set to 'none'
  • In some cases a MIDI tracks input would change when it became the active track, this is now fixed

Build 244



  • CWBRN-4325: Double-clicking EQ plot in X1b brings up the Missing Plug-in Message (Essential & Studio only) 
  • CWBRN's 3530, 3842, 3980, 4123 & 4334: Console View MIDI track name text color no longer follows audio track text color setting
  • CWBRN's 3781 & 4085: Progress bar now displays a more clear message
  • CWBRN-3522: Progress bar now disappears correctly when switching away from SONAR 
  • CWBRN-4278: Suppressed excessive audio device disconnect messages when playing back projects of various sample rates
  • CWBRN's 4291, 4326, 4339 & 4374: ProChannel Post state now persists correctly when reloading a project
  • CWBRN's 4295, 4303 & 4314: Browser Preview at Host Tempo now behaves correctly for non-acidized audio files
  • CWBRN-4242: Certain conditions cause Sonitus:fx effects to process at half speed when in FX Chain
  • CWBRN-4316: Ramp automation now renders output correctly with jump envelopes and ProChannel
  • In some cases SONAR could crash on end of bounce or on project on multiprocessor systems
  • Addressed a case where automation envelopes would not affect audio
  • Track View 'auto' input echo now updates correctly
  • Addressed a case where under circumstances SONAR would crash when saving a project containing acidized loops

Please Note: This QuickFix has only received minimal testing to expedite delivery, if you are not affected by any of the above issues then you do not need to install this QuickFix.  Should you experience any problems with this QuickFix please report it using the Cakewalk Problem Report Tool and be sure to indicate the build number.

Installation Instructions

These fixes have been rolled into more recent updates of SONAR X1 and as a result these installers are no longer available. This article is for documenting the fixes only. To update your copy of SONAR to obtain the latest fixes and enhancements, please download and install the latest update from here.

Backup & Recovery

The QuickFix installer will automatically backup your existing SONAR installation, the default location will be 'C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\SONAR VERSION\Backup\DATE\Version_Build.Number'  If for any reason you need to restore to X1b you can do so by replacing the files in your installation directory with the ones found in the Backup folder






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