Will my product work on Windows 7?

Last updated on 3/18/2016

As with all of our software products, compatibility testing is done during the product's development cycle to ensure optimal performance across a variety of operating systems. Each of our products has specific system requirements in regards to what operating systems and what hardware specifications were tested against and as a result are officially supported and recommended.

If your product is relatively new, chances are it has been updated to support Windows 7 or was tested for Windows 7 compatibility from the start.

If your product was developed many years before Windows 7 was created, however, it may not be officially supported. Unfortunately, we could not have tested it for future operating systems at the time and many changes to the operating system's architecture may or may not have broken certain features in the application.

If your product falls outside of official Windows 7 support, it is because we know functionality has been broken as result to changes in Windows. If this is the case with your software, we recommend upgrading to a newer version that has been updated for Windows 7 compatibility.

You can find official information on Cakewalk product compatibility with Windows 7 at http://www.cakewalk.com/Page.aspx/Windows-7-Resource-Page

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