Installing Z3TA+ 2 Programs and Presets

Last updated on 3/21/2016

Z3TA 2's Bank/Program architecture makes adding downloaded programs (.fxp files) and sharing programs easy.  Z3TA 2 stores all of it's content in your Cakewalk Content folder. The default location for this is C:\Cakewalk Content\Z3TA 2\Programs

The folder hierarchy is Bank\Type\Program. For example, the keyboard patch 'Electro Clavinet 1 FS' that is included with Z3TA 2 is located in C:\Cakewalk Content\Z3TA 2\Programs\Factory Content\Keyboards

To install a Z3TA 2 preset (.fxp):

  1. Navigate to your Z3TA+ 2 programs folder, the default location is: C:\Cakewalk Content\Z3TA 2\Programs.
  2. Decide which Bank you'd like to put this program into, such as User Content.  If you don't want to put your new preset into an existing bank you can simply create a new folder.  For example if you wanted to keep all of your downloaded presets in one bank you could create a folder named 'Downloads'.
  3. Double-click a bank to open it, the factory content included with Z3TA 2 organizes programs by types such as 'Sequences', 'Keyboards', and 'Basses'.  You can create a folder to organize your programs by category.
  4. Copy or move your new preset into the appropriate category folder.
  5. Open Z3TA 2, select your bank, category, and program, and enjoy!

You can find additional information about working with banks and programs on page 60 of the Z3TA 2 User Guide.

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