SONAR 2015 Dorchester Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/7/2016
  1. Custom order of Control Bar Modules persists as expected
  2. Notes from last buffer no longer play at new location when using drum maps and moving now time
  3. ProChannel preset titles in the Console View update properly after being loaded
  4. Remote control of synth-assigned controls is saved with projects
  5. Undo of ARA Region FX clip copy followed by exit no longer crashes
  6. Making Soft Synth changes now mark projects as edited
  7. Bounce to Clips with MIDI no longer changes CC data channel assignment
  8. Simply exporting audio no longer marks project as edited
  9. Some export formats no longer fail under certain conditions
  10. Clips don’t appear as “busy” in projects saved in Artist
  11. Boost 11 now acknowledges the Command Center custom VST path during install
  12. Playlist files are now correctly associated with SONAR
  13. Personalization no longer resets the Control Bar
  14. Cakewalk Sound Center Expansion Packs can load multisamples in upgrades
  15. ProChannel error when upgrading from 32-bit SONAR resolved
  16. Repaired faulty link to in Help menu
  17. Fixed Rapture Expansion Packs installing incorrectly if installed before Rapture
  18. Fixed Libsndfile exclusion list not installing unless upgrading or updating
  19. Separated SONAR Help and Tutorials package
  20. Undoing “Delete Lane” no longer reorders lanes
  21. Reset Control Bar command now resets to the correct factory preset
  22. Hold button on Virtual Controller correctly shows the [TAB] keyboard shortcut
  23. Renaming, deleting or saving a Mix Recall scene now marks the project as edited
  24. Mix Recall exports tracks in collapsed folders under all, not just some, conditions
  25. Mix Recall now exports scenes containing envelopes when data is selected
  26. Cosmetic fixes to Keyboard View
  27. Stuck notes no longer occur when using QWERTY keyboard and switching app focus
  28. Loop Construction View gain edits made during loop playback are now in sync with the Loop Construction View Now Time (CWBRN-32258)
  29. Playlist View is now a floating window (resolves CWBRN-21765)
  30. Scrolling works in Playlists that contain over 100 projects
  31. “Display Left on Top for MIDI Pan Envelopes” setting no longer reverts when reopening Preferences
  32. Step Record numeric keypad shortcuts working properly
  33. Clicking on a note within a PRV selection clears existing selection
  34. Fixed graphical issues while scrubbing in PRV (CWBRN-15959)
  35. PRV-specific snap settings work correctly
  36. Ctrl+A inside PRV Drum pane no longer selects all tracks in Track View (CWBRN-23413)
  37. Redo function no longer places notes incorrectly for Groove Clips in PRV (CWBRN-22573)
  38. Fixed PRV opening with Drum pane exposed when outputs not set to drum maps
  39. Fixed issue where Clips could be shown in the wrong vertical position while dragging
  40. Various improvements related to docked plug-ins
  41. Tracks are now listed numerically in the Staff View (CWBRN-8767)
  42. Staff View Track Pane no longer forgets picked tracks when changing screensets (CWBRN-14421)
  43. Module selectors in Console View and Track Inspector always use correct naming conventions
  44. Inline PRV editing optimizations
  45. Alt+Mouse Wheel Zoom now centers tracks correctly in projects containing hidden tracks (CWBRN-31830)
  46. In inline PRV, Aim Assist no longer follows mouse while moving notes.
  47. BitBridged VSTs remember screen positions
  48. Fixed VST scan issues that could potentially report an incorrectly high plug-in count
  49. Various enhancements to the MIDI engine, fixing many cases where software synths would get stuck notes
  50. BitBridged plug-ins are no longer removed from MultiDock when switching screensets
  51. 64-bit VST scan no longer fails intermittently with a large numbers of 32-bit plug-ins installed
  52. Resolved Zoom Tool issues with collapsed lanes/folders
  53. REmatrix Solo no longer crashes after clicking to increment past the last available user impulse


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