SONAR 2015 Braintree Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/7/2016
  1. Track controls could jump to previous value when overwriting automation (CWBRN-14834)
  2. Pattern Tool created erroneous gaps in data in some cases
  3. Middle mouse click HUD was not working in PRV under some circumstances
  4. Error when attempting to open a missing project from recent files menu
  5. Some Anderton CA-X amps would instantiate with wrong settings
  6. SONAR sometimes failed to migrate SONAR X3 settings
  7. Missing Console Emulator had graphical issues in new tracks until enabled
  8. MIDI data could not be selected via PRV Keyboard under some circumstances
  9. Mix Recall would crash with some projects containing AudioSnapped clips
  10. Melodyne clips could potentially become corrupted
  11. Under some circumstances launching SONAR in Safe Mode would revert the product to Demo
  12. Lasso in the PRV Controller Pane would sometimes perform an additive selection
  13. Zooming on take lanes would zoom to parent track
  14. AudioSnap Palette graphics were misaligned on non-English installs
  15. Dense projects may have scrolled sluggishly
  16. Errors when loading projects with Kontakt on some languages
  17. Drum map output prevented parent track from muting correctly
  18. Under some circumstances control surface help files were installed in incorrect language
  19. Copying and pasting automation from bus to bus would not paste in certain cases (CWBRN-15764)
  20. “Fades and Crossfades” section was missing in the documentation
  21. Documentation inaccuracy related to Browser drag-and-drop behavior
  22. Dimension Pro and Rapture serial numbers would not authorize automatically on systems with pre-existing installs
  23. Inaccurate tooltip was shown for the Automation Offset button
  24. Demo Mode notification links were incorrect
  25. Issues with looping playback when using MFX
  26. SONAR could potentially crash after recording in projects containing Region FX
  27. “About” now presents current membership status


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