Rapture Pro 2.0.3 Update

Last updated on 3/18/2016

An updated version, Rapture Pro 2.0.3, is now available in Cakewalk Command Center for Rapture Pro owners!


The Rapture Pro 2.0.3 update includes the following:

The latest information on Rapture Pro can be found here. The 2.0.3 update specifically introduces the following new features:

  • Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan support
  • AAX format included for ProTools 10 and higher
  • Favorites Bank - One click store your favorites programs in a dedicated bank
  • Per element metering
  • Progress animation on loading a program
  • New easier to read font for both Windows and Mac
  • Cakewalk Sound Center expansion pack support
  • Vector mixer now displays active elements
  • Remastered Rapture Pro Content for better volume balance across programs
  • Improved Rapture Pro naming conventions for easier search and patch navigation
  • 1 Additional effect routing configuration
  • Selected element improved visibility
  • No longer require click to scroll in the browser
  • Bug fixes and other UI enhancements


Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the Legacy Content Pack was unable to install all programs on Japanese OS
  • Replaced "Dimension Pro" with "D-Pro" in UI and DOC
  • Cleaned up Bad Naming Conventions in Rapture Pro bank
  • Resolved and issue where Russian system locale on Windows prevented files with accented characters in the file name from installing (CWBRN-34306)
  • Refactored all content to address reports of many programs having differing volume levels
  • Resolved text alignment issues in Vienna Ensemble Pro on Mac OS
  • Resolved issues where Rapture Pro was unable to locate some SFZ files in legacy content location
  • Resolved a crash using Program Forward Button From "DK_LD_Moombahton" With Transport Running
  • Resolved an issue where the Return key does not work in Logic when Rapture Pro is the top window
  • Resolved an issue where the REX Shared Library.dll was not installing with Rapture Pro
  • Resolved an issue where the mousewheel wouldn't work in the browser without clicking first
  • Resolved an issue where loading SFZs would disable element toggle arrows
  • Resolved an issue where Phaser's modulation controls were labeled as delay controls
  • Resolved an issue where Ring mod stopped working when a new oscillator or sample was selected
  • Resolved an issue where Bumpfizzzz and Bumpfizzzz 2 MIDI Next would crash Logic
  • Resolved an issue where the SFX of doom.prog would stop audio playback
  • Resolved an issue where Mod Matrix assignments would stop working when the source changed
  • Resolved a Memory Leak loading numerous wavetables/sfzs on Windows
  • Resolved an issue where the LFO sync display would not redraw correctly when changing settings
  • Resolved an issue where Reverbs parameter labels would have clipped text on Mixer screen
  • Resolved an issue where Mixer page meters were laggy on OS X
  • Resolved an issue where the XY Pad was not calibrated correctly on OS X
  • Resolved localization issues with the Vector Mixer control tooltips


How to Download and Authorize the Rapture Pro 2.0.3 Update

Download and Launch Cakewalk Command Center. Please note that Cakewalk Command Center versions 1.1.2 (Windows) and 1.1.51 (OS X) are now available. Please make sure you are running the latest update if you aren't already.

Important: It is recommended to log out and then back into Cakewalk Command Center. This will update your product cache and display all of the new content for Rapture Pro

Once logging back in, locate Rapture Pro and/or it's children products under Connected Products. Select them from the list on the left, and then click [Install] | [Update] or [Update All] depending on your preference. While not required, it is recommended to perform an installation of all of the new contents as this update contains many fixes to the content itself.

Authorization is handled automatically by installing Cakewalk Command Center to your computer and running the Rapture Pro installation.

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