pyro Audio Creator 1.5 Update

Last updated on 3/22/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • pyro Audio Creator 1.00
  • pyro Audio Creator 1.01
  • pyro Audio Creater 1.02

Important Note: This update is for the full version of pyro Audio Creator, if you are using pyro Audio Creator LE or if your serial number begins with "CWAL" you will need to install the Audio Creator LE 1.5 update available here.

Notable Fixes/Changes:

  • Gapless (redbook) audio CD support
  • Support for DVD & Blu-ray data disc authoring
  • Real-time driver mode switching (no longer need to restart AC if you change driver modes)
  • Improved support for USB Microphones
  • Improved audio I/O stability / reliability

Misc Fixes:

  • Burner: Save & load disc layouts (project files)
  • Burner: Save as disc image (.iso)
  • Burner: Burn disc from disc image (.iso)
  • Burner: Test burn mode now available
  • Burner: Option to verify data after burn (checks for errors on disc - data discs only)
  • Ripper & Burner: Resizable window / dialog
  • Ripper & Burner: Drive ID now shown in status bar
  • Ripper: Option to manually refresh drive contents (via "Refresh" button)
  • Encoder: Improved MP3 encoding (better, faster)
  • Tagger: Auto-capitalize function added ("Ctrl+t" to apply title case to track, artist & album tags)
  • Tagger: "Add to iTunes" option (automatically adds tagged MP3s to iTunes library)
  • Tagger: Resizable window / dialog
  • Tagger: "Delete" key now works
  • Tagger: Improved handling of Read-only & corrupted MP3 files
  • Tagger: "Alt+L/R Arrow" Shortcut fixed (skip thru tracks via "Alt+L Arrow" or "Alt+R Arrow" key commands)
  • Editor: Improved Zoom / Scroll bar
  • Editor: Pan envelope now resets to center position after deleting
  • Editor: Warn on sample rate change
  • Publisher: Improved GUI (user interface)
  • Publisher: Misc. bug fixes to improve stability / reliability

Important Information before downloading the Audio Creator 1.5 Update:

After you install the Audio Creator 1.5 update you will need to re-profile your audio devices to do this follow the steps below:

1) Launch Audio Creator 1.5

2) Click the Options button in the main toolbar

3) Select your Driver Mode (optional)

4) Click the [Wave Profiler] button

NOTE: Audio Creator supports Windows Vista x64 Edition under 32bit emulation mode only.

In order to access this free download you must be a registered pyro Audio Creator customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

Downloadpyro Audio Creator 1.5 Update (Approx. 60 MB)

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