REAC 1.1 Driver Update

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to

  • REAC Recording System

New in REAC 1.1

  • Compatibility for both SONAR Producer 7 and 8
  • VS700R is now an approved confidence monitoring device
  • RSS M-400 1.5 and 2.0 firmware support
  • RSS M-48 Live Personal Monitor support 
  • Driver control panel and images are now available in Spanish, French, German and Italian
  • Supported operating systems now include: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit

In order to install this update you must have either SONAR Producer 7.0.2 or 8.0.2 installed as well as REAC Driver v1.0 installed.

Note: Windows Vista x64 users - a full installer is available for x64. To get this full installer you will need to contact your REAC dealer.

Download Download the REAC 1.1 Driver Update

When downloading always select 'Save this program to disk', do not select 'Run this program from its current location'.

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